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Our love affair with Utah began way back in 1999 when we decided to honeymoon in Southern Utah. The area rooted itself deep in our hearts and never left! For years, we kept feeling it calling us back… or better yet, calling us home.
Then in 2014, the opportunity came up for us to move to Kanab and carry on the mission of National Park Tourz.

We packed up our family (including 5 beautiful kids!) and embarked on our new adventure. We didn’t waste any time settling in and developing our tours to accommodate all kinds of guests and to deliver an unforgettable experience. 

For nearly a decade, we have been bringing new friends to old places, and it never gets old!  We love seeing our guests’ eyes light up when they crest a hill and see something for the first time.  We are so grateful that each day we get to share our passion for Utah with visitors and guests.

We are inspired by the sheer amount of people who enthusiastically come to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It warms our hearts to hear how our guests leave feeling changed and renewed after being immersed in beautiful creations, and truly rewarded after volunteering at the sanctuary.

Taking a tour with National Park Tourz means relaxation, seeing breathtaking natural beauty, forging new friendships and returning home renewed and refreshed. It is our deep desire to care for each guest in a personal way, keeping them safe, teaching them about the area, and showing them a great time. Our people are absolutely our priority! Thank you for considering National Park Tourz. The Parks are personal to us. We hope to give you a personal experience.