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Love Sees Beyond


“When Charlie lost his vision, we simply determined that he wouldn’t be blind”, his wife of 47 years proclaimed.  For over twenty of those years, Charlie’s sweetheart Pat has been his eyes, describing for him the things she sees.

A married couple hiking together

It was a sacred thing, to hear her descriptions of the vistas that would pass before us as we drove to destination after stunning destination.  I was astounded by her generosity with words and Charlie’s humility as a receptor.
On one evening at sunset, the group was given the option to walk down a path through a valley where they would be picked up on the other side, or to view it from above and then drive around in the van.
Charlie opted for the descent.
With his hand on Pat’s shoulder, and listening to her cues, Charlie stepped into a small canyon flanked by fins of rock spanning 500 feet tall on either side. With every careful step, Pat would let him know where to step and what to expect.
a group of people on a rock
Other members of our group joined in, supporting Charlie’s walk by going a little ahead and finding the best routes through the meandering sandstone slickrock formations.
It was one of the most special experiences we have ever witnessed as guides: a husband and wife moving in tandem- he who cannot see without her, she who cannot enjoy life to the fullest without him.
Talk about symbiosis.
As we neared the van, the sun was almost down.  Charlie’s strength was waning, and the group around him grew.  More people were cheering him on, and his final steps were made with relief.  He was physically and mentally exhausted, but so glad he did it.
I hope to be as generous as Pat and as humble as Charlie.  I hope to finish my life journey with friends surrounding me, exhausted, and amazed.
♥ Tiffany
Arches National Park at Sunset
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